William Gage

The Good Physician


Was the attending physician to the Swordsmen’s Guild in Newport.

Was sent to Montaigne by the Royal Society in Avalon to study the new Guillotine.

Traveled to Charouse to see the new workings of the guillotine. He was there for a few days when he heard that a trial was about to take place, and it was likely to be a death sentence.

He watched as they brought out a young girl , Noella, and she was put on trial for murder.

He watched as her fellow musketeers did their best to aid in her defense without lying. A Voddaccean fop took the spot as her councilor and got the crowd rallied in her defense, arguing everything from the fact that the man might have had a weapon on him to the fact that if he did, it was an honorable thing to do.

The Judge seemed unmoved by this, not caring about honor, only vengeance for the murdered nobleman.

The defense asked if a duel could take place to settle the issue in a matter befitting two nobles. The judge agreed but said once Remy du Montaigne announced himself as the champion of law, that the girl will be executed if her champion falls.

Jean-Marie the leader of the musketeers made the Voddaccean fop stand down when he offered to be her champion because the girl was a Musketeer and therefore his responsibility.

The sword fight was long and brutal and Jean-Marie got slower and slower as time went on. He fell exhausted to his knees and was about to pass out from blood loss and just before Remy could run him through ten musketeers opened fire on Remy, killing him dead.

The executioner moved to execute the girl but the musketeers let go of her chains and she ran off into the crowd with the fop as the crowd rushed the platform and started to riot.

He saw that Jean-Marie wasn’t quite dead yet and went to apply first aid. The musketeers saw what he was doing and two of them grabbed Jean-Marie and with the help of other adventurers whisked him and the doctor away to a location so that he could try and save Jean-Marie’s life.

William Gage

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