Roderick Bandleton

A simple, care free pirate. He is a former crew member of the Crimson Roger. Now dubbed the dread pirate Roderick, he is the captain of The Chatter


Roderick Bandleton was born into a family of wealth and prosperity. When he was 7, his house was pillaged by a group of pirates and his family was murdered before his very eyes. He managed to stay out of sight and escape to the slums of Avalon. Here Roderick lived on the streets, becoming a pickpocket and picking up any scraps it would take to survive.
When he was 12, Roderick attempted to pick the pocket of a mapmaker but was caught in the act. The mapmaker gave him the option of becoming his servant or going to jail. Naturally, Roderick spent the next few years in the service of the mapmaker, studying the fascinating maps whenever he got a free moment. At the age of 18, the map maker relieved Roderick of his duties and sent him off with nothing but a map of Avalon.
With nowhere to go, Roderick came across a traveling carnival that was making its way through town. He befriended several of the carnies fell and took a particular liking to a small Capuchin monkey, he named Chatter. He also fell in love with the carnival’s contortionist, a beautiful woman known only as Red. Roderick aided the carnies in their tour through Avalon until it came time for them to depart for Montaigne.
On the way there, the crew became lost in a sea of fog and large rocks. While waiting for the fog to clear, the ship was taken under siege by the Crimson Roger. Roderick and Red hid below deck until they were found by a crew member named Riant. Riant raped and murdered Red in front of Roderick. Roderick went mad in a fit of rage and very nearly strangle Riant with his bare hands. The two were seperated by Jemy, the Crimson Roger’s first mate and brought before its capain, Reis.
Impressed,Reis gave him the opprotunity to take a blood pact and become a member of the crew. With nothing left to love for, Roderick agreed. Finding that the Crimson Roger was now stuck amidst the rocks and fog itself, Roderick spoke up and claimed he could navigate them to open ocean. Amused, Reis allowed this and was pleasantly surprised that Roderick was able to pull it off. For the next few years, Roderick grew to be an incredible helmsman and gained the nickname “The Octopus” after his ability to keep hold of the helm under any circumstance. His time upon the Crimson Roger hardened him. He soon began killing without a second thought and blindly following Reis’s orders.
While sailing off the coast of Avalon, Reiss spotted a ship in the distance. As ordered, Roderick directed the Crimson Roger in a path to ram this enemy ship. As they grew closer, Roderick noticed that the ship had dozens of women, children, and elderly aboard. At the very last second, he steered the Roger away from the ship, allowing it to escape. Furious at this treasonous act, Reis had Roderick’s hands and feet bound, his mouth sewn shut, his monkey stuffed in a sack and tied around his neck, and was thrown overboard.
His body drifted at sea for hours until it was miraculously washed ashore. Chatter managed to escape the sack and ran off to fetch help. He lay on the beach for days baking in the hot sun until a local crab fisher eventually returned with Chatter and brought him to shelter. Here his stitches were cut open and he was nursed back to health. However his mind never was quite the same after the ordeal and he found himself having trouble keeping a constant grip on reality. Eventually the fisherman had to send Roderick on his way.
Roderick spent the next five years again living in the streets of Avalon with Chatter. Pickpocketing anyone they could find in order to make it day by day. One day he found himself trailing a particularly flamboyant man and his exotic female companion. He followed them all the way aboard a ship and was very close to robbing them when they were attacked by a very familiar ship…


Roderick Bandleton

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