Jeremiah Berek

Leader of the Sea Dogs - Captain of the Black Dawn


Handsome to a fault, Berek is the quintesential Avalon nobleman. A single scar adorns his face after his battle with Reis and the Crimson Roger and damn if it didn’t make him look even better.

Berek was behead by Reis on Decimus 10th 1667.


Berek is known for the fact that he has never killed a man directly, and offers quarter to all. His unconventional tactics work because they are insane and unreliable.

Berek led the direct assault on the Crimson Roger, buying time for Bonnie to close the Gap onto Reis.

After the battle, Berek sailed back to Carleon and apparently spent three days pleading before for Queen Elaine before deciding it would be better to ask forgiveness then permission for his next plan.

The Black Dawn has not been been spotted since Secondus 29th.

Jeremiah Berek

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