Royston Graystone

Knight of Elaine....former


Royston Graystone was once a proud Knight of Elaine, but no longer. After being accused of adultery with one of the fair maidens of Elaine, he was dishonored, disgraced, and cast out of Avalon. Now he wanders, making money to survive, and seemingly lost in his ways, and the bottom of a bottle.


Height: 6’ 2"
Weight: 230lbs
Age: 31
Hair- Black
Eyes- Blue

Royston was and is loyal to Avalon. At the age of 11, Royston was inducted into the Daughters of Sophia, a secret organization of renown. Since his indoctrination as a Son of this group, he has done all that they ask of him, rising the ranks of nobility and proving himself in battle to become one of the few trusted Knights of Elaine. After serving her for nearly 8 years, the fateful day came when the daughters approached him for his most difficult task to date: admit to another mans crime of adultery, and suffer all consequences it entailed. He was cast out and disgraced, as well as earning a mortal enemy in Eric Bannon, the betrothed of the soiled woman. Adopting a persona of a roaming drunk, Royston wandered around towns, earning gelder with his sword and his strength, and frequenting the local Jenny’s Guild houses, where his handmaiden had her informants. To this day, Royston has high hopes of returning to the Knights, and clearing his once proud name.

Royston Graystone

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