Remy du Montaigne (deceased)

Former Captain of the Lightning Guard


Remy was a tall and lanky Montaigne in his early thirties, a handsome man with long dark hair, stylish clothing, and a scar above his left eye.


Remy was probably the finest swordsman in Montaigne. He had spent most of his life doing little except honing his skills.

His cousin, the Empereur, recognized his talent early on and made him Captain of the Lightning Guard. Léon doesn’t trust anyone else to guard his person, and takes great care to maintain Remy’s loyalty. Virtually anything he wants, he gets. As a result, Remy was devoted to his cousin.

Remy had developed a strong rivalry with Jean-Marie Rois et Reines, the Captain of the Musketeers. He saw Jean-Marie as a rival for the Empereur’s attention, and feared that the man may someday replace him as Léon’s bodyguard.

The two have nearly come to blows on three occasions, and their subordinates have developed a rivalry of their own. Remy had an honest heart, but he’d been spoiled by his years of success and luxury. He enjoyed the pampering he received at the palace and wouldn’t give up his playboy lifestyle for anyone or anything. He liked dancing with
attractive ladies, eating exotic foods, and drinking imported wines. The one indulgence he forbade himself is
drunkenness. If he were drunk when an assassin attacked the Empereur, his easy living would come to an end, and
that’s the last thing he wanted.

Of course, his relationship with his cousin wasn’t perfect. The Empereur sometimes asked him to do things that keep him up at nights. For instance, when the Inquisition’s army attacked, the Empereur instructed him to close the gates and not to allow any of the Montaigne troops inside, although this would mean almost certain death for them.

Léon wanted them fighting for their lives. Remy did as he was instructed, and because of this Montegue and his men were forced to fight just outside the wall. They hold a grudge against Remy to this day. Remy often had nightmares about peasants clawing at the gates, begging to be let inside as they’re gunned down from behind.

On another, more recent occasion, it is whispered that Léon handed Remy a wine bottle and said to him, “I want you to bring me Cardinal d’Argeneau’s ring of office, as well as the finger he wears it on; while you’re at it, fill this bottle to the brim with his tears.”

As the story goes, Remy brought the Empereur the ring and the finger, and watched as his cousin drank a glass poured from the bottle into a brandy snifter, savoring the tears like a fine wine. On special occasions, it is said, Léon prefers this special “vintage” over anything else.

Whether all this is true or not is anyone’s guess, but the Empereur does wear the Cardinal’s ring, and the Cardinal has not been seen in quite a while…

Remy was recently shot to death by 10 musketeers after a duel with Jean-Marie over the life of Noella, the newest member of the musketeers who was on trial for the murder of a noble who regularly beat his peasant born wife. Jean-Marie survived, the encounter but was critically wounded during the fight.

Remy du Montaigne (deceased)

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