Noella Morrigan Montagna

The Mouseketeer


Noella Morrigan Montagna
Gunslinger, Musketeer 7

  • Raised an orphan in a Montaigne Orphanage, living between there and the streets for most of her life until she was roughly thirteen.
  • Age thirteen – adopted by the Count Dante Della Montagna, a former friend of her mother’s who had been trying to find her.
  • Now age 15, she is currently living at the Villa Della Montagna.
  • Stowed away on Fyodor’s wagon to join the group in their adventures.
  • Met Jean-Marie a second time, captain of the Musketeers who calls her ‘little mouse’.
  • Is now sometimes called Mousketeer by the party.

Noella Morrigan Montagna

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