Isabella Joliano

A whip-weilding treasure hunter


Isabella is a well-educated Vodaccean woman born and raised in the town of Sant’ Andrea, with a vast knowledge in linguistics, maps and treasure hunting. She has long black hair, which she wears pulled back in a ponytail under a giant hat (with a crazy feather). She has a pistol and rapier at her one side, and her beloved whip on her other side. She often can be seen also with a large explorers pack, crossed across her, filled with maps and notes on various treasure hunts she is pursuing. She also has 2 compasses attached to her belt- why two you ask? One is much more than just telling the direction she is facing.


Though her family is by no means poor, she is NOT royalty in any way. Her family has made their wealth through merchant ship trading. Isabella lives in the constant shadow of her older brother, Marco, who has become a renowned explorer and treasure hunter- coming across many new worlds and treasures previously unexplored. His explorations have brought much wealth and fame to Vodacce and their own family, so he is looked upon with great favor in the royal world.
However, Marco’s most notable find he achieved with the help of his best friend Antonio, who at the time was Isabella’s lover. Antonio betrayed Isabella by giving key information to Marco about the find, after Isabella discovered certain clues that only she had discovered. Antonio and Marco assured Isabella that the 3 would share the glory of the find, however Marco in turn claimed that only the two men (Antonio & Marco) had found the find when presented to the nobles (Supposably paying Antonio a large cut of the share of treasure if he discredited Isabella).
Isabella has since vowed to find something that she can prove was all her find, as well as ousting her brother and Antonio for using her keen knowledge and taking the credit for something she had a huge hand in finding.
Spurned by the only man she ever loved (Antonio), she has vowed to never trust most men she meets and finds love to be a distraction to her quest for knowledge and the ultimate treasure find. Occasionally she will use her resemblance to her brother to her advantage (but very begrudgingly- since she has a large hatred towards him).
Little is known about the rest of her family history, other than her father (Carlito) being a wealthy merchant ship owner and his wife, her mother (Nadia) always at his side. Her mother was the daughter of a rancher- hence her knowledge of the whip (which she passed on to Isabella). Her parents encouraged both children to persue knowledge in any way possible- whether through books or exploration. Both parents have since passed away, with a few other family members still around that piggy back off of Marco’s newly found fame and fortune.
Isabella has always been a quiet sort- often lost in her thoughts and constantly reading, sketching or pouring over maps and books. Her notebooks are filled with codes and sketches of treasures she’s heard or read about, with notes scribbled throughout on ideas of where they could be or where they were last seen.
She is terrified of snakes after a near-death experience with one as a child, almost paralyzing her. Luckily her mother found a cure to the snake’s venom in time, but since the run-in with the snake, she has been terrified of them.
If it wasn’t for her quest to out-do her brother and prove herself as a far-greater explorer than he has been made out to be, she would probably be a professor, scholar or map-maker. She was offered various positions to teach at a few of the local Vodaccean schools, all of which she has turned down so she can be out exploring the world.
Isabella will not stop exploring the unknown treasures of the world till she is able to find something that will help her overtake her brother’s glory and fame, as well as prove her worth as an intelligent agile female explorer.

Isabella Joliano

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