Fyodor "Basara" Basulde

Captain of the Lightning Guard - The Flying Axe


Fyodor is a well toned man. While he has muscles he is no hulking brute, instead he seems to rely on his agility and speed in combat and his rather precise aim with his balanced throwing axes over a more traditional dueling weapon or style. Fyodor has a dancers build, long brown hair, and emerald green eyes.

Fyodor is Fhideli, his entire back is covered in the tattoos that tell the story of his life.

He dresses in a mixture between the expected thean duelist and his own eclectic style and he carries a vial of a strange liquid that melts through anything that once lived.

Fyodor carries a rapier on his right hip, and four axes hooked into the left hip of his belt at almost all times. He has more in his backpack, but his usual style is grab and throw them left handed and to use his right hand to perform any other tactic that seems intelligent at the time. The Rapier is mostly just for show, but he knows that fencing duels are sometimes a mandate. Unles his opponent offers a rapier in turn though, he fights with axes instead.


For a long time all the party knew about Fyodor was this:

He had a wife, she died, he left his caravan after that. While has had given up on his old life, he has not given up on the Fhideli, Ussura, or Matushka.

During the parties return from Ussura and the long trek to Charrouse he opened up to Galina, Royston and Isabella more and more. Eventually he decided that like Galina, he hated keeping secrets from his friends.

Fyodor grew up in Basulde known as a skilled dancer, juggler, and axe thrower but left his Vitzi for another smaller Vitzi from Eisen named Curara. He knew some men from Curara and wished to see if the women were as beautiful as he was told. They were. While traveling with them he met a young woman named Tsuritsa who was to be married to her fathers friend within the Vitzi to cement her fathers power. She wished to instead marry for love, Fyodor in three short weeks convinced her to leave her Vitzi and instead head back to Basulde. What he did not know was Tsuritsa’s father was not her actual father, but that her mother slept with some traveling noble once, and she came out seven months later. Tsuritsa had a peculiar “gift” that none could explain. She often had dreams of things happening in the future. While she could see the future of others she never once saw her own future unless it was part of someone else’s. She knew from the moment she met Fyodor, he was quite literally the man of her dreams.

Tsuritsa confessed all of this on their wedding night, the same night their ship was taken by Captain Scogna. If she had known that Scogna was a gentleman pirate or that the unconcious woman in their cabin was feigning sleep she may never have confessed all she would. She told Fyodor that she knew her death would come within the next year, that she apologized for marrying him anyhow.

Tsuritsa told him that when she died Fyodor needed to join the swordsman guild. Her “father” would hate him, and it was the only way to guarantee an immunity to the duelists her father would otherwise send after him. Tsuritsa also warned Fyodor that “one day you may guard the brightest star, and that you must not be blinded by the star as so many others have, instead you must blind the star with its own light to see only a single truth, so that the darkness may envelope it and from that darkness a true Tibesti home shall emerge again.”

Tsuritsa also warned him that should Fyodor set foot in Ussura again before blinding the star, that not only will that not come to pass, but that a fate worse than death will befall him.

Confused as this all made him, when the sleeping prisoner in the room revealed herself to be Ysabette she confirmed she herself had seen similair things in store for him, but that he would shed many mens blood before that day came to pass and that one day he would draw blood from the man who will kill him, well in advance of his own death. Ysabette inducted Fyodor and Tsuritsa into the Daughters of Sophia that night.

They never let their honeymoon end. They traveled Theah in aide of the Daughters by day, and talked of a future that would never come to pass at night. Each morning she grew sicker than the one before. They tried every healer they could find, but none could stop the wasting disease she had acquired. After being married for 10 months and sending dozens of woman and three children to Vitzi Basulde. Tsuritsa passed away. That night Fyodors blue eyes turned emerald green.

Her father wasted no less than a month to send the first thug after Fyodor. For in his eyes, he had stolen away his daughter and maybe one of his Vitzis healers could have saved her.

Fyodor dispatched the men with ease, but felt sickened at the loss of life. More men came everyday, and he quickly found himself okay with killing. To retain as much humanity as he could he did what his wife said he must, and joined the swordsman guild. Giving him immunity to all challenges accept those he took himself. The guise of a duelist would allow him to continue to travel the world though knowing that the world looks down upon hid kind he took to carrying an Ussursan Orthodxy version of the prophets cross. This allows him to aide the Daughters and continue the work his wife and he started. He gave himself a new last name. “Basara” a merging of his and her Vitzis. Despite her fathers hatred and banishment of him, her mother loved her truly and took the name in honor of their mothers.

Fyodor "Basara" Basulde

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