Dominique du Montaigne

Youngest Daughter of the Sun


Dominique is the youngest of the Empereur’s nine daughters, and the only one born of his current wife. When the Fate Witches examined her at her birth, they declared that she had no sorcery at all, and the Empereur lost interest in her. Her mother never related well to her, so she was raised by the kitchen staff, preferring their genuinely friendly company to the cold familiarity of her parents.

Being the youngest of nine allowed her to remain out of sight. She often played with the servants’ children, and delighted in disappearing when her father or mother were looking for her. This odd mix of noble and common upbringing produced a self-sufficient young lady more aware of the servants constantly swirling around the castle than most of the other nobles.

In order to put an end to her constant escapades, she eventually received duties to keep her out from underfoot. The Imperatrice put her in charge of sending gifts and performing other social niceties for those in the royal family’s favor. Dominique took advantage of this position to send several loyal maids out to important nobles around Théah. These maids kept her informed of the comings and goings of the nobles they served, thereby giving her an effective spy network. Dominique grew content with her new position in life and settled into a simple routine, eagerly listening to developments most rulers would have given
their right arms to learn.

Her world changed abruptly after Montegue’s Stand. To show his appreciation of the soldier’s valor in battle, the Empereur gave him Dominique’s hand in marriage, making
Montegue a member of the royal family. This strengthened the Empereur’s political position, but Dominique awkwardly tried to come to terms with her new husband. She had some success relating to him, since he was a commoner like the kitchen staff she knew and loved, but she was utterly unprepared to deal with him on a romantic level. Thus far, the two have fumbled their way through the relationship, and their feelings for each other are still very
much up in the air. Dominique definitely respects Montegue; she’s just not sure if she loves him or not. Her marriage, at least, is a good deal friendlier than her parents’, but it will take time and a bit of luck if it’s going to develop into anything more than mutual respect.

Dominique is currently expecting a child. Her father began to fuss over her as soon as her mother determined that the child was going to be a boy. The Empereur has smothered
her with so much attention and unwanted protection that she longs for the simpler days when her parents simply ignored her. In addition, Dominique is worried that this new
attention forebodes something sinister. She has never known her father to be an affectionate man, and assumes that he wants something from her — possibly even her son.

Dominique du Montaigne

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