♢Count Montagna

The Vodaccean Fop


A wealthy noble from Vodacce the count is a silly man with a love for theater, adventure, and the latest fashions.

Name: Dante Della Montagna
Title: Count
Class: Rogue 6 / Noble Scion 2

  • Was born the son of a talented actress and a noble Lord, and always had a love for theater.
  • Though he studied the craft, his father was insistent that he was destined for nobility, not the stage.
  • One day on the way home to his father’s house after a wonderful performance by his mother, the three were waylaid on the road by a bandit. His father and mother were killed, and he was left for dead among them. Traumatized, he swore by Theus that his parents would have justice and that he would remake the world into a haven of Justice so that no child should ever have to lose their parents.
  • Discovered that his parents’ deaths were not random but part of a bigger conspiracy.
  • Traveled the world and studied under a variety of teachers to gain the skills necessary for his vengeance.
  • Purchased and refurbished the vineyard, Villa de Montagna outside of Guarre de Puertofino.
  • Met and hired Galina Volkova the only person he has taken to sharing his purpose and his darker secrets with.
  • Adopted Noella Morrigan from an orphanage in Montaigne.
  • Travels frequently for his business and for pleasure, and was kidnapped by the Dread Pirate Roderick on a voyage back from Avalon.
  • After a series of very exciting adventures Montagna returned home after having ransomed himself from the Dread Pirate Roderick and won the man’s friendship.
  • Has decided to go abroad again, to travel the fabled lands of Eisen and its famous forests, and see what wonders he might find.

♢Count Montagna

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